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About Me

Sound Designer / Music Producer / Composer / Lyricist / Mix Engineer / Artist Promoter / Musician / Full Sail University  Graduate                               


Composer/Arranger/Producer: Able to compose, arrange and produce music; primary genres: R&B, Gospel, Funk, Smooth Jazz. Other genres: Pop, Blues, Light Rock, Dance.


Manager: Able to oversee and manage time-based recording projects to meet deadlines. Also, able to manage bands, recording studios and labels.


Mix Engineer/Audio Editor: Able to Mix in both live and studio applications. Able to Cut, Join, Trim, Mix, Delete parts, Split, fix timing issues, use specially designed filters to remove irritating sounds like roaring, hissing, crackling, etc...


Lyricist: Able to write in various formats and styles.


Sound Designer: My specialties include Sound Design, Audio Implementation by using Wwise, Editing and Mastering.


Artist Promoter: Primarily promotes and Market the following types of Music, Artists & Songs:


Music Composer: Old School - Nu Skool R B, Contemporary and Traditional Gospel, Soul and funk RnB, Contemporary R&B, Hip Hop Rap, Mainstream Pop, Pop/House/Techno, Smooth Jazz, Jazz Fusion and more!

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Here is a song I wrote, played, sung, performed and produced for my wife's 50th Birthday. Enjoy! By the way, I didn't have access to a good mic for vocals at the time.

Michael Bell

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